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11/2024 /  Joint exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts Gdansk , Gdansk, Poland

10/2025 / Solo exhibition Kunstverket Gallery, Oslo, Norway


6.-29.10.23 / To Unfold Colour, AMA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

21. – 24.9.2022 / Showstopper, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK





I avoid strict definitions and my artistic work is more reflective than declaring. I try to stage moments and hidden emotions that are not obvious, with images that work like a mirror for something in the viewer. My works can be seen as calm, still and melancholic.

Tiny gestures, fading impressions, hidden meanings and small drama that even a fragment of a human figure brings to the image fascinate me. In my works I explore people. My images reference to posing, traditions of portraiture and the many facets of identity. My works portray quiet figures that are often hiding or sneaking glances at the viewer. Still, they remain out in the open and readily available for the viewers eye to consume.

Beside the subject and theme, materials and techniques are the core of my artistic practise. I work in between medias combining woodcut printmaking with painting. My works incorporate the strengths of both techniques: the speed, spontaneity and haphazardness of painting as well as the slow focus of woodcutting. My works are combination of painted layers and carved and printed layers of woodcut. The layers can be seen as symbolic to the layers within my human figures.

As an artist I enjoy moving between my medias. It gives me endless opportunities to combine techniques and the thinking behind them. The carving of woodcut can serve to capture a snapshot of the fast and restless movement of a painter’s brush, or the woodcut can appear as imitating brushstrokes. In my works it is not always clear for the viewer where the painting ends and woodcut begins. Between the medias I´m able to question and expand the definition of printmaking and this vantage point has inspired me also towards video and spatial art.




Born in Pori, Finland 1978
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland


2007 MFA, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland
2004 BFA, Turku Arts Academy, Turku, Finland
2000 Satakunta Arts and Crafts, Graphic design studies, Nakkila, Finland
1998 Länsi-Pori kuvataidelukio, Pori, Finland

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023 Pori Printmakers gallery, Pori, Finland
To Unfold Color, Gallery AMA, Helsinki, Finland
Still Life, Gallery Himmelblau, Tampere, Finland
2020 Lavastaja, Gallery AMA, Helsinki, Finland
2017 Remain a Stranger, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Takkahuone, Turku, Finland
2016 Gallery Himmelblau, Tampere, Finland
2015 Visible Inside, Gallery AMA, Helsinki, Finland
2014 Printedpainted, Gallery Pictor, Nummela, Finland
2014 Remain a Stranger, Gallery G, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Whats the Story, Gallery Joella, Turku, Finland
2012 Young Artist of the Year 2012 -exhibition, Tampere Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
2010 Forestfalls, Gallery Aarni, Modern Art Museum of Espoo, Espoo, Finland
2009 Wood Is Paint, Gallery G, Helsinki, Finland
2009 Black Light, Poriginal gallery, Pori, Finland
2008 Night Sight, Gallery Topelius, Helsinki, Finland
2007 Woods, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, Finland
2006 Slower line, Glass Palace exhibition Space, Helsinki, Finland
2004 Mountain Lines, Gallery G, Helsinki, Finland
2004 Guest Room, Gallery Joella, Turku, Finland

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024 Maailman menoa – Works form Jenny and Antti Wihuri Collections, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland
Showstopper, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
Err is Human, Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä, Finland
Recemblence Through Contact: Grammar of Imprint, EKA Gallery, Tallin, Estonia and Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia
 Graphica Creativa 2019, Jyväskylä Art Museum, Jyväskylä, Finland
2019 HIT-exhibition, Haugesund Billedgalleri, Haugesund, Norway
2019 Playing GroundsInka Bell, Inma Herrera, Päivikki Kallio, Suvi Sysi, Galleria G, Helsinki, Finland
2019 Summer Exhibition 2019 (With Ville Anderson, HC Berg, Samuli Heimonen, Nanna Susi, Niidome and Lautenbacher) Sysmä, Finland
 Private Archives/Yksityiset Arkistot, Jussi Juurinen, Ari Pelkonen and Tatu Tuominen, Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland
2018 IMPACT 10, Collaborative print project ”Devotions upon Emergent Occasions” (after John Donne) with KuvA Printmakers, Santander, Spain
2018 Toisia Todellisuuksia, Jyväskylän Art Museum, Jyväskylä, Finland
2017 Kasvotusten Summer Exhibition 2017, (with Kuutti Lavonen, Ville Löppönen, Heikki Marila and Sirpa Särkijärvi) Sysmä, Finland
2017 6th Ulsan International Woodcut Exhibition, Korea
2014 Helsingistä – Twelve Galleries Project, Providence collage Galleries,
2014 Providence, USA (with Valpuri Remling, Curator Jamilee Lacy)
2014 3rd Shanghai International Printmaking Exhibition, China Art Museum, Shanghai
2014 Meidän Katu, Vantaan Art Museum, Vantaa, Finland
2014 Helsingistä – Twelve Galleries Project, Western Exhibitions Gallery,
2014 Chicago, USA (With Valpuri Remling, Curator Jamilee Lacy)
2013 Vuoden nuoria taiteilijoita 1985 – 2012, Gumbostrand Kons&Form, Söderkulla, Finland
2012 Fire Grefiske Fortellinger, Gallery Kunsverket, (with Annu Vertanen, Tiina Kivinen, Jaana Paulus) Oslo, Norway
2012 Pritns Tokyo 2012, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Ikuinen kivi (with Matti Hintikka, Kuutti Lavonen, Anna Retulainen, Elina Sipilä, Kaisu Sirviö, Miikka Vaskolan kanssa) Savonlinna, Finland
2012 Retretti, Punkaharju, Finland
2012 Graphica Creativa 2012, Jyväskylä Art museum, Jyväskylä, Finland
2011 Finnis Printmakers 80 years – scholarship exhibition, Gallery Harmonia, Jyväskylä, Finland
2011 The 1st International Moguhanga Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
2010 Puberty, Finnish Printmakers 80 years -Anniversary Exhibition, Salo Art Museum, Salo, Finland
2009 Young 2009 – Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland
2009 Salon de Mai, Paris, France
2006 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Spring Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland

Works in Collections

Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma
The Saastamoinen Foundation
Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation
The Paulo Foundation
Finnish State Art Collection
Finnish Art Association Collection
Helsinki City Hospital Art Collections
The Collection of the Prime Minister Office Finland; The Portrait of the President Sauli Niinistö of the Republic of Finland, made together with 100 artists
Tampere Art Museum
Vantaa Art Museum
Jyväskylä Art Museum
Lahti Art Museum
Kuopio Art Museum
Academy of Fine Arts
Pori Saskia Association

Awards and Nominations

2022 Public Art work, Kuopio University Campus, Kuopio, Finland
2016 Public Art work, Senaatti -properties, Helsinki, FI
Garnagie painting competition nominee
SGN Group, Prize in Young Printmakers print portfolio
2012 Queen Sonja Print Award nominee
2011 Young Artist of the Year 2012 Nomination
2011 Finnish Printmakers 80 yars, Exhibition Scholarship
2009 Maecenas Guild Young Artist Award in NUORET09 exhibition

Teaching and Position of Trust

2023 – 2025 Member in Finnish State Art Collections
Kankaanpää Art School, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
University of Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts, Lecturer, Printmaking responsible professors tasks
Kankaanpää Art School, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Printmaking
2020 – 2022
Member of Finnish State Art Collections
Turku Art Academy, Printmaking
2018 – 2021
University of the Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts, Lecturer and hour based teacher, Printmaking
2010 – 2012
 University of the Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts, Tecnician and hour based teacher, Printmaking
2009 – 2010 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, department assistant, Printmaking
2005 – 2009 Kankaanpää Art School
2003 – 2004 Folk School of Southwest Finland


Helsinki Artists’ Association
Finnish Woodcut Artists Society
Finnish Printmakers



Ari Pelkonen
+358 40 776 1165